Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day!

I've got a new piece up for St. Patty's day over at the shop...a nice green Celtic knot necklace. Perfect for the jewelry showcase that I'm in today. Hop on over to the shop and take a look: http://fatboydesign.etsy.com . Lots of new projects in the works as well. I'm going to be rolling out some minimalist necklaces in the next few days. These will be basic metal chain/pendant pieces...more budget priced around $10. The purses are also coming along nicely. I have pretty well nailed down the specs, along with the fabrics for the first run. The hardest part is still the name. I've received so many great ideas on here that it's going to be hard to choose the winner. I'll still be taking entries through the 27th, then it's decision time over the weekend. I'm also looking to start featuring different artist's shops on here, so if you have any ideas drop me a line and let me know why they should be featured. It may even be some of my followers. And don't forget the giveaway that's going to be popping up soon for April. It's going to be a great vintage-look piece that I'm sure anyone would love.

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