Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Super-Cool Contest

So I finally pulled out the sewing machine and started working on my new purse design. All I need now is a name to brand this particular line...that's where all of you come in. Give me your ideas for naming this purse line, and if I choose yours...you'll get a free one. I'm going to be doing them in all sorts of punkish fabrics, plus many in Asian print sari fabrics. Each one will have some sort of charm that fits with the theme of the fabric, along with the big decorative button to close it up. Sizes will vary, but each will be generally the same size: 12.5" W 6.5 H closed, 8.5" H open. Here's an even better deal for you...if you start following me on here and I pick your name, I'll throw in a matching necklace to go with the purse as well. Hurry though...I'm only running this until the end of March. And a big thank you in advance to everyone who enters. Just reply to this post for your entry.


  1. Punk Fusion


  2. Love the purse...I have a granddaughter in college that would really love that...Am now following you.

  3. My daughters would fight over this! Thanks for the chance! I'm following you now, too!
    -10oneworld on Etsy

  4. Punk-chai
    rockabilli rush

    you can convo me through etsy...

    Great Bag!! cant wait to see the rest of teh line!

  5. Oh I love this purse It's so me and would be great to sport daily

  6. Fun bag! I love the crazy fabric combo.

    Some name suggestions for this punk chic line are:

    I've Got Your In My Clutch

    Hell in a Handbag

    Sassy Sacs


  7. Bohemian Volare is my name choice...

    You can always convo me at scrappersbydesign.etsy.com

  8. I sorta like the Punk-chai suggestion. Not sure about the punk part but really like the chai part and think it would fit with your new purses and your shop (went to look). What about Charmed Chai Purses? Good luck with the contest. It's really hard to pick names isn't it?

  9. princess punk
    Punk chic
    Punk Drunk Love (Luv)
    Pink Rock

    ohh and i'm a follower!!

  10. This purse is so cute!

    hmm... how about: Pirate Punk Rocker

    btw thats fire tatoo on your model is awesome!

    I'm following you blogger:)

    Marie Isabella


  11. This is so cool! Please count me in!